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Now That All That's Over...

Spaced out and forgot about this blog until a friend linked me to his the other day. Besides, that first post took a lot out of me and I felt a 7 month break was in order. Anyways, I suppose I outta give a mission statement/explanation for this thing. I started this last summer at a time when I was really confused about the universe and the way things are, and in the time since my perceptions haven't cleared up at all. Chalk it up to me avoiding any and all philosophy in order to clear my head. In any case, I'd like to get this thing going again and maybe get some answers to my questions, or if all else, open you up to some questions that you'd like answered yourself.

I don't intend this to be 100% deep thinking and meaningful questions, just an outlet for my deranged ramblings and a place to post anything that I think is funny and or interesting. I had a teacher once tell me that my mind was a long string of nonsense broken up every now and then by a flash of brilliance. I'm not quite sure what will come of this thing, but I'd expect something like that.

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Blogger MichaelBains said...

Near to the end of your first post, you asked:

If causal determination is true, do we still have responsibility?

Even whilst "avoiding any and all philosophy" we are proving that we do. Causal Determination, or causation, is both belied and defined by quantum mechanics. At the most infintessimal, sub-atomic level, one thing follows necessarily from another, even though it could go either way! lol! Future probability is determined by the past outcomes which were once future probabilities; they were never carved in Strings.

The interesting thing about humans is that we're able to consciously choose which probabilities are most desirable. OR, we can choose to "throw a wrench in the works" and choose randomly, or not at all. Our personal histories give us personal probabilites which are frequently not even known to us. We make our choices both consciously and instinctively, or without thought.

The thing is: What is possible, possibilities, may be static as they are fundamentals from beyond the time of our universe. It seems unlikely - improbable - that anything is possible outside the sway of the laws of quantum physics; even taking into consideration that we don't know all those laws yet. It may be that we will never will, though that is probably (IMHO) improbable! Everything, on the other hand, includes things which can only exist if those QP laws are changed. We can do that in our heads, even though we can't make those changes real.

Probabilities are far more assured because of their dependance upon each other's actual occurrences. They aren't just determined by what is possible, but by what other things are probable. If you add what a conscious actor thinks is possible, it may change what is probable, but such has no effect whatsoever on what is actually possible.

Okay. Now, as frequently is the case, I'm confused! lol! Don't take such a long break next time GP! {-;

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Blogger GavriloPrincip said...

Woah. I think I may of had an aneurysm while reading through the third paragraph, not sure though, just woke up at my computer screen mumbling something about existence while bleeding from the ears...o_0
Anywho, to be honest, I really have no clue on where I stand concerning the issue of probable v. predetermined outcomes in the future. This is one of the concepts concerning the whole issue that I really haven't cleared up. It's very easy to trace something back using an example from the past, but when dealing with the future, eh...My views concerning causation are a bit(Ok, very) clouded. On one hand, these probabilities, or what we conceive as that which is probable, these are determined by outside factors that have already been, and these can then be traced back. By this logic, the future should be predictable in theory. Unfortunately, reality has to come in and screw everything up with possibility. With possibility, there is a chance that that which is probable to be false. However, when something that has been deemed improbable that becomes true, it is still ultimately caused by something, and thus, with the cause in place, shouldn't that which was improbable have been probable in the first place? I think the greatest hindrance to my understanding of this has been the realization that my mind is governed by these same laws, and that I can't step outside of my own consciousness in order to think.

When it comes to the issue of us choosing, however, I have a much more simple answer. I think that our minds, being things themselves, have to be governed as all other things in the universe, by cause and effect. While we could go any number of ways, we only choose one path. Our choice, as our minds, is guided by these universal laws of which I speak. Thus I think that ultimately, we may not have control over what we do. That said, I think for the sake of both society and ourselves, we must go on as though we do have free will. I know that all of this probably doesn't quite do much justice as a response to your comment, but...

A. My thought process works something like a pinball machine, and thus my writing comes out the same way, going ever which way and then ending up at a conclusion that usually doesn't even make sense to me

B. My understanding of String theory and quantum physics is very limited. It's entirely based on a 45 minute lecture from Fred Alan Wolfe.

Thanks for the comment, its given me a lot to think about.

Also, you should check out my friend Mime Narrators blog, "On Meaning". I'm not sure if he still updates, but he's got a much better understanding of Quantum Mechanics and string theory than I.

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