Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Webcomics and Whatnot

I am a huge webcomics geek and want to get this outta my system. Most blogs have a links section or something labeled "if your bored and looking for something to do..." blah blah blah. Take note, these aren't things for you when you're bored, this are comics that, if you have the same sense of humor as I do, I really think you should be reading. Very funny stuff and many different styles of humor. At least check them out, chances are you'll find something you like.

Rob and Elliot(
-A relatively new comic on the scene, done by Clay and Hampton Yount. A much more standard style of comedy. Jokes and pop culture references reminiscent of Family Guy/The Simpsons. Hardly ever has their been a continuous plotline, and it is updated less than most of the other comics here. If you aren't a big comic reader yet, this is one you might wanna check out. (The two also write weekend filler comics for Sluggy Freelance.)

-Not a comic, but a flashtoon. And yes, I know most flashtoons suck, but this one is top notch, trust me. Centers around the absurd adventures of a tree, a dumb blonde kid, a fat green kid, and all of the stupid people they befriend/kill along the way.

Sluggy Freelance(
-An older comic(Originated in 1998 I believe) about the misadventures of freelance bums Torg and Riff, their roommate Zoe, her bewitched friend Gwynn, and Torg's murderous pet rabbit, Bun-Bun. Has become more of an adventure comic filled with jokes over the past few years. If you want something with a little more substance, Sluggy is the comic for you.

Penny Arcade(
-I know that I probably don't need to tell anyone about this. It's the biggest webcomic out there by a long shot. Violent, vulgar, and absurd, it's got it all. Very funny. If you're a geek and you don't read this, go do so. NOW.

VGCats( -Gaming comic very similar to Penny Arcade, only toned down a bit. The best choice for anyone out there who is into video games but isn't a full fledged geek.

Nothing Nice To Say(
-The worlds first online punk comic. Up the Punx. (Whatever the hell that means)

Joe and Monkey(
-A guy named Joe who owns a talking monkey and fights a klepto robot. If you have'nt already clicked on the link, what the hell's wrong with you?


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